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If you are thinking of selling your property in Japan we can help. Or even if you are not fully decided on which direction you would like to go but would like to explore the situation and understand your options, we would be pleased to help. Century 21 Sky Realty has almost 3 decades of experience in helping property owners sell their properties in Japan.

How should the marketing be handled?

It is very important in Japan to clearly identify the type of buyer any property should be marketed to and how to connect with and appeal to that type of buyer. Some properties should be marketed more broadly and Century 21 has over 800 offices in Japan and can easily provide contact to a wide range of buyers in Japan. Other properties need to be handled more carefully, dealing with a more select buyer or an international buyer, and we can easily help with that too, through our well-established connections overseas. Century 21 has thousands of offices not only in the Unites States, but also in China, other parts of Asia, and throughout Europe.

The presentation of the property for sale is a critical factor in the successful search for a buyer. Century 21 Sky Realty has long experience developing attractive promotional materials, photographs and video links to put your property in its best light.

What are the other important factors in selling a property in Japan?

We can guide you through the sale process in Japan to make it as easy and understandable as possible. Our assistance is bilingual and we are able to provide full explanations of all documentation in Japanese and English. We can also help introduce tax assistance, property appraisals, property refurbishment assistance and full consultation on other real estate issues.

So please contact us. We are here to help.

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